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West Island seniors receive free iPads before the holidays

The free iPads will improve the quality of life of senior residents and their families.

Some West Island seniors received an early Christmas present Wednesday when free iPads were distributed at local CHLSDs.
The “iPads for Seniors’ Residences” campaign was an initiative of Lianas Senior Transition Support, in collaboration with West Island Community Shares (WICS)...

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Dynamic couple step up to help seniors in need of communications devices

B'nai Brith and MADA team up for rejuvenated food basket campaign - MADA  Community Center

" When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit last spring, senior homes in Laval were particularly hard hit.
CJAD host Matt Del Vecchio of Life Unrehearsed and his wife Stefanie Cadou have launched their Go Fund Me campaign to provide new iPads for seniors residences in need..... Funds raised will go directly to the purchase of iPads. They will be hand delivered to seniors residences that will benefit from the generosity of donors." ..

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Featured in the March 2019 issue of Westmount Neighbours magazine!



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A hard goodbye: Seniors often need help to sell the family home

It’s familiar, comfortable — and (hopefully) paid off. But without the momentum of an impending move, it’s all too easy to put off planning for an eventual change.


When you’ve been in the same home for 40 or 50 years, stuff tends to pile up.

Over the years, mementoes and bric-a-brac gather in dusty corners of basements, attics, garages, spare rooms, cupboards and closets, everything from boxes of forgotten family photos to the long-disused bins of camping equipment and bags of the children’s old toys.

One day you’ll go through it all, you promise yourself. You’ll have a big garage sale. You’ll box the best of it up and give it to the kids. You’ll donate the rest to charity. One day.

Days have a way of running out. Wait too long, and when “one day” comes, you may be physically incapable of making it down the stairs to the basement or lifting heavy boxes of books. Financial difficulties, illness, injury or death may impose new deadlines, adding another layer of stress to an already overwhelming task.

Many seniors prefer to stay in the family home as long as possible. It’s familiar, comfortable — and (hopefully) paid off. But without the momentum of an impending move, it’s all too easy to put off planning for the inevitable day when circumstances force a change.


Stefanie & Lianis Services: Aging at Home or Making a Move : Life Unrehearsed CJAD

 Stefanie, Matt and Corrie discuss the delicate choice of aging well at home or making a move.

Stefanie, Matt and Corrie discuss

Invited as guests to speak on CJAD 800 am radio


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Matt and I working hard planting the signs


The Inspiration for my work, my dear Grandmother